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Born and raised in a small town in Southern, Ontario, Olivia Mae Graham picked up the guitar at age 11, and has been writing and performing her own songs ever since.  

Olivia Mae Graham is driven to encourage others through the positive messages in her lyrics. Whether listening to her music or interacting with her through social media, her goal is that her fans would feel inspired and personally connected to her. 

Olivia will kick off 2023 by releasing her most vulnerable song to date.  Her new single ‘Pretty Different’ was inspired after finally having the clarity that beauty comes from within and how important it is to love yourself right where you are. Olivia says that if she could go back in time and tell her 12 year old self one thing it would be this song. It’s Olivia’s goal that this song empowers young girls everywhere to be nicer to themselves and embrace the things that make them ‘Pretty Different’  



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